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Have you been tempted to slow down or even put your journey of perfect obedience on hold because someone doesn’t understand or accept your call and purpose? Jesus was mourning over Jerusalem because she would not allow Him to gather her to Himself, but even so He determined to press on, “today, tomorrow and the…

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Loving His Will

It’s not merely doing holy things that produces holiness! It’s simply trusting a Holy God! Do you realize that God is not only nearer than you are to yourself, but that He also knows you better than you know yourself? And He loves you better than you love yourself! When I accept this, I begin…

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Just do it

Why are you seeking more knowledge? It’s not mere knowledge you need, but the “knowing” that comes from have done the thing! Fulfillment will ONLY be found in taking the risk of following where He has already called you. Maybe it is not another revelation, or more education, or edification, that you need. But courage…

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What’s on your mind?

What’s on your mind? Your ability to discern what God is saying, the way God is moving, and where He is calling you to follow Him, is the most important Gift the Holy Spirit can give you! Many are sleep walking, or confused! Where have your thoughts been? What has preoccupied your heart and mind?…

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Seek the Kingdom

Have you been asking for something you don’t need? Sometimes we fall into the trap of praying for more when we didn’t manage less! It’s not about what you dont have, it’s about where you put your priorities and what you focus on. Too many of us are scattered across too many things and not…

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