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Time for refocus!

Remember, the enemy can’t destroy your purpose! He can only attempt to distract you to try and steer you off course! One of his main tactics is to get you to focus on the negative, on the storms, so that you forget to contemplate on the GREATNESS of God! It’s not obstacles that keep us…

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Let it go!

Whoever they are and whatever they did, it’s not worth it to allow your history to abort your destiny! If you keep taking in offense, it will damage your attitude, and the person God desires you to be will continue to corrode from the toxicity of the buildup of the things that have happened to…

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I believe in the Holy Spirit!

  The following are notes from a recent Seminar on the Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit There are few things more misunderstood than the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the accompanying gifts. Many have gone through their church’s sacraments and teachings and think that’s all there is to their religious experience.  Because for some, so…

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The Notebook

Not too long ago I was given a simple spiral notebook by a very good friend. It was given to me to journal my thoughts during Lent. When the day came for me to open the notebook and begin my entries, I was amazed that this person had taken the time and energy to label…

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My Sheep Know My Voice

One Spring I went to visit a rancher who wanted to show me his new lambs. After we inspected the new lambs, we went to see part of his larger herd of sheep. I was fascinated as the rancher whistled and I watched every head perk up at attention. Then simultaneously they began moving toward…

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