The Way of the Lord – Life in the Kingdom

The Early believers talked about “The Way”, and were referred to as people of “The Way”.  Christianity is not a belief system.  It is the invitation to participate in the very life of God, regaining our true identity as the sons and daughters of God Himself!  We are equipped for this amazing life of transformation from the old nature, with it’s broken relationship with the Father of All, to the Abundant Life of Christ in us, with a healed relationship with our Heavenly Father.  

  • Learn your true identity and how to see yourself the way the Father sees you.
  • Learn to align your heart and thoughts with God’s thoughts for your life
  • How to live in the Kingdom of God.  What it is, and how to get there.

Who it’s for:

For those who want to learn to experience life in the Kingdom of God, who desire to go deeper in their life of faith.  Who want to encounter the God who created them, and not only loves them, but is loving them.  

What it is:

An in-depth look at the Kingdom of God, and our place in it.  How to live the Kingdom, and invite others to encounter with the God of this Kingdom.

How does it work:

Weekly classes online, with in person ministry available upon completion.  Course includes daily practices to enhance your experience of living the Kingdom of God.  Materials include Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church as well as writings of Early Church Fathers and Mothers.

Classes starting SOON!

Summer Sessions:

September 21 to November 30th

Contact Barbara HERE for more information or to register.