Freedom School

Jesus didn’t give you His whole life so you could live half a life. It’s not my circumstances that determine who I am, or how I am feeling.  It’s my inner life, my inner “man”, my thoughts, memories, how I respond to traumas or triggers.  Am I a slave to my emotions?  Can I change?  And can I be a catalyst for Christ to change the lives of those around me?

Freedom School is the Gospel applied to your life.  We are meant to live in deep freedom.  Using the Gospel and the “Five Keys” we learn how to take back our lives and live in the power, authority and freedom Jesus intends for us to have.  

Who it’s for:

For those who want to learn to live a life of FREEDOM, rather than being enslaved to fear, the opinions of others, or by the past.  For those who want to learn how to pray to help others come into deep and abiding freedom.

What it is:

In depth look at our inheritance of freedom through Christ, the power of Jesus to bring us to deep inner healing and deliverance.  Teaching on the 5 Keys, what they are, and how to apply them.  

How does it work:

Weekly classes online, with in person ministry available upon completion.  Course includes daily practices to enhance your experience of living the Kingdom of God

Classes starting SOON!

Summer Sessions:

July 20 through September 21

Contact Barbara HERE for more information or to register.