Have you been asking for something you don’t need? Sometimes we fall into the trap of praying for more when we didn’t manage less! It’s not about what you dont have, it’s about where you put your priorities and what you focus on. Too many of us are scattered across too many things and not focused on what we really want in God. Sometimes ego causes us to spread ourselves too thin. We want to do it all. But when you really want to excel at something, you focus on it. You block out other things so that your attention becomes fixed. I can tell what your priorities are by what you focus on. And you are powerful when you are focused! Faithfulness comes by focus! Jesus said, “when your eye is single, (healthy, good, sound, clear, FOCUSED), your whole body will be full of light”. You’re on the verge of something, but you cant quite see it; it’s time to focus. You know something is there, but you can’t quite make it out; focus! And when you focus, when you Seek First the Kingdom, ALL these things shall be added to you!