sheep in the long grassOne Spring I went to visit a rancher who wanted to show me his new lambs. After we inspected the new lambs, we went to see part of his larger herd of sheep. I was fascinated as the rancher whistled and I watched every head perk up at attention. Then simultaneously they began moving toward the rancher until we were completely surrounded. A couple of weeks later, I was visiting another ranch in the same region, and I thought I would call those sheep the same way I had seen the previous rancher do it. So I started calling sheep the same way he did and I tried whistling and you know what they did? They didn’t even lift up their heads. I would have been less insulted had they run but no, they didn’t even bother! They just absolutely, totally ignored me. They went about their business. They didn’t even hear my voice because they didn’t know my voice.

Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice and another they will not follow”…Whose voice do you know? You know the voice that you listen for. Some of us know pain by listening to the voice of past wounds. Some know bitterness by listening to the voice of past offenses. Or of anger by listening to the voice of injustices…or any lie of the enemy that undermines our confidence in the goodness of God. But Jesus says, Come to Me and learn MY voice. It’s the voice that calms the storm and raises the dead. He is calling our gaze to Him for our benefit, so we can learn Who He IS, and learn to know His voice above all other voices calling for your attention. And in KNOWING His voice, we will not follow another.