Catholic Convert, Evangelist

What We Do

Speaking and Evangelism

Our whole life is dedicated to bringing others into the Presence of God! 

Jesus is not only our Savior and Redeemer, but He heals us, changes us, equips us and empowers us to live lives that are radiant with His Presence.  He invites us to be His Worshippers, experiencing the Glory of His Presence.


Jesus comes to give us Abundant Life!
God invites us into His story of redemption, and turns our lives into stories of God's love. 
Do you need a speaker for your event? Whether it’s a keynote address or a 3-day parish mission, Barbara Heil brings a Holy Spirit-infused passion that will be a blessing.



We host devotional tours to the Holy Land and the other important Christian spots around the world such as Israel, Greece, Rome, Bethlehem, Cana, and Nazareth to name a few. We want you to experience where Jesus walked and ministered and where Paul and the other apostles walked and grew the Church.

You will experience prayer and devotionals at every site turning it into more than a pilgrimage. Our tours are more like retreats and are an opportunity for spiritual growth.



We also host Ministry Tours in third world countries and other places that could use a helping hand and the touch of God "with skin on".

We have gone to places such as Peru, Egypt, India and even Europe on some of these mission tours.

We always find that we are touched and blessed by the beauty of the people we come in contact with. People have told us that these trips have literally changed their lives.


After He had sent the crowds away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray; and when it was evening, He was there alone." Matthew 14:23


By Barbara Heil

Have you been tempted to slow down or even put your journey of perfect obedience on hold because someone doesn’t understand or accept your call and purpose? Jesus was mourning over Jerusalem because she would not allow Him to gather her to Himself, but even so He determined to press on, “today, tomorrow and the…

Loving His Will

By Barbara Heil

It’s not merely doing holy things that produces holiness! It’s simply trusting a Holy God! Do you realize that God is not only nearer than you are to yourself, but that He also knows you better than you know yourself? And He loves you better than you love yourself! When I accept this, I begin…

Just do it

By Barbara Heil

Why are you seeking more knowledge? It’s not mere knowledge you need, but the “knowing” that comes from have done the thing! Fulfillment will ONLY be found in taking the risk of following where He has already called you. Maybe it is not another revelation, or more education, or edification, that you need. But courage…

What’s on your mind?

By Barbara Heil

What’s on your mind? Your ability to discern what God is saying, the way God is moving, and where He is calling you to follow Him, is the most important Gift the Holy Spirit can give you! Many are sleep walking, or confused! Where have your thoughts been? What has preoccupied your heart and mind?…

Seek the Kingdom

By Barbara Heil

Have you been asking for something you don’t need? Sometimes we fall into the trap of praying for more when we didn’t manage less! It’s not about what you dont have, it’s about where you put your priorities and what you focus on. Too many of us are scattered across too many things and not…

Time for refocus!

By Barbara Heil

Remember, the enemy can’t destroy your purpose! He can only attempt to distract you to try and steer you off course! One of his main tactics is to get you to focus on the negative, on the storms, so that you forget to contemplate on the GREATNESS of God! It’s not obstacles that keep us…

Let it go!

By Barbara Heil

Whoever they are and whatever they did, it’s not worth it to allow your history to abort your destiny! If you keep taking in offense, it will damage your attitude, and the person God desires you to be will continue to corrode from the toxicity of the buildup of the things that have happened to…

I believe in the Holy Spirit!

By Barbara Heil

  The following are notes from a recent Seminar on the Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit There are few things more misunderstood than the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the accompanying gifts. Many have gone through their church’s sacraments and teachings and think that’s all there is to their religious experience.  Because for some, so…

The Notebook

By Barbara Heil

Not too long ago I was given a simple spiral notebook by a very good friend. It was given to me to journal my thoughts during Lent. When the day came for me to open the notebook and begin my entries, I was amazed that this person had taken the time and energy to label…

My Sheep Know My Voice

By Barbara Heil

One Spring I went to visit a rancher who wanted to show me his new lambs. After we inspected the new lambs, we went to see part of his larger herd of sheep. I was fascinated as the rancher whistled and I watched every head perk up at attention. Then simultaneously they began moving toward…